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industrial design / bicycle

a city bike concept
thesis project

Find some 'work-in-progress-images' of my diploma-project from 2009 in the gallery above. For further details on the concept, watch the video and don't hesitate to contact me.
"Having its origin in a different design approach, 'Rollin' attempts to gain a new perspective on cycling in inner cities. The citybike isn't seen as just a appropriate vehicle anymore. It rather becomes part of the direct living environment of its user. 'Rollin' is a shortdistance bicycle for innercity-rides up to 3km. Its lock, which is integrated into the frame, makes the bike unridable when locked and thus unattractive to bicycle-thiefs. The design is rather inspired by contemporary furniture than by sportsdesign. Tubes have been replaced by surfaces which obtain stability from being folded. The frame, which is developed from folded papermodels, is lasercut from one aluminum-sheet, automatically folded and welded at six points."

Nichts zu danken

illustration / animation
illustration / animation

'Nichts zu danken' is an animated shortfilm, which I made as a side-project during my design-studies at HS Pforzheim in 2007/2008. The film was shown at the HS Pforzheim college exhibition in 2008 for the first time. Since then, 'nichts zu danken' was selected for the programs of several film-festivals around Germany and was part of an exhibition in the museum of Marl in 2009. Also in 2009, it was awarded with the 'Animation Price' at Bundesfestival Video in Ludwigsburg.


The imagery consists of pencil drawings and texture-photos which were mixed up in Adobe AfterEffects with filmed backgrounds, I shot during an internship in Paris. The animated scenes were then cut with FinalcutPro and composed with sounds, I mostly recorded myself. All in all I worked around four month to complete this film-project.


The story is slightly linked to a puppet movie, I made one year before. In the last scene of 'nichts zu danken', the puppet of my first film shows up and asks the main character to take a picture of him under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This photo already appeared in the puppet movie 'ein Mann von Welt'. It's this scene, where the film's name comes from. 'Nichts zu danken' ('you're welcome') is the answer to the last word 'danke' ('thanks'), which is said by the puppet.

cycling shots


Cycling shots


I'm a big fan of road-cycling and everything which has to do with bikes. The photos above are all taken 'on the road' or in the workshop with my phone, so don't expect a high quality. However they document my life on two wheels quite well. More to come...





I've been drawing and painting characters for a couple of years now. From time to time, I'm doing small illustration jobs. Some of them you can see in the gallery above.


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